Saturday, 10 December 2011

Abuja to Introdce Parking Fares ... Why na?!

I was driving in the vehicle along side my father in the city of Abuja when I given a pamphlet ‘PROMOTING ORDERLY PARKING IN ABUJA’ by some young man wearing a t-shirt. I spotted several other men doing the exact same thing and all wearing the exact same t-shirt.

The pamphlet wasn’t bringing any good news to us, it simply stated that the FCT was about to introduce parking fares, I looked at my dad and started going into this long tale about how and why Nigerians like to copy only the bad things from the west and never the good stuff.

My argument is very simple; some nations in the west do not have anything coming out of their ground like large deposit of natural minerals or crude oil. They depend heavily on taxes from there people, so they will tax anything that is taxable. This is a different story in some countries in the Middle East and amongst some oil rich nations where there is no need to over tax their people. Nigeria is an oil rich country there are little things the government can afford to pay for its people, public parking is one of them. I am trying in my little way to sound this alarm now before this government starts to request for television tax, yes, don’t laugh, anything can happen in this country, 9ja.

The excuse on the pamphlet was to Number 1: stop wrong parking, (as in how?!) … and number 2: help with youth unemployment, which has got to be one of my top ten most ridiculous excuses ever given by a government body to do a wrong deed. Ranking tops with the failed indecent dressing bill.

Number 1 doesn’t make sense because if anyone parks wrongly I’m sure there’s some rule somewhere which tells you what to do, but this is not the case, because even if such a rule exists do our authorities implement it? … I hope you realise I will not be answering that question.

Number 2, please, please, please, how many times did I say ‘please’, can we stop this very failed attempt of trying to convince the general public that inflicting economic hardship on motorists in the name of paying parking fares will alleviate the problem of youth unemployment in 9ja. It will not! End of that!

Phew, I don’t like doing all this over serious political type blog posts but I am hoping that I can add my own little voice to this drama as it unfolds. We have not even finished the fuel subsidy removal debate... or is that an already finished matter?

In all seriousness I hope this parking fare is one big mistake and it doesn’t happen for reasons I have given above and finally let’s not do anything that makes Nigerians take more money out of their pockets. It’s just not nice!

Merry X-mas y’all

Update: Today I saw what was unmistakeably a park, pay and display sign post


  1. The government is looking for ways to squeeze money out of people. Really funny. Nigeria is different from the west. The same regulations cannot apply cause we have different socio-economic conditions. Hisss

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