Sunday, 9 January 2011

Who is the celebrity without a job?

Happy new year everyone!   

As hopeless as my frequency in putting up a blog post has been I am glad to be writing very close to the beginning of the year. I am fresh from the holidays and I had a really nice one. So I am going to do a post about ‘famous people’ often referred to as celebrities in modern day language. Why am I doing this post?  A lot of that answer would have to do ‘with I’m still fresh from the break’ so like most holidays there would be small talk and light hearted chat, amongst the very heavy and serious issues, such as bomb blasts in northern Nigeria and general unrest globally. 

For the purposes of this post a celebrity is a famous person who has celebrity status but does not hold a distinct occupation. For example the supposed celebrity is not a musician, like I wouldn’t be referring to American popstar, Beyoncé Knowles, as a celebrity in this post. Also the word celebrity would not be used to describe an actor, such as George Clooney (and Bless him for the global attention that his brought to the Sudan referendum). I   would also not be referring to any professional sports person such as Beckham (sorry he immediately came to mind) as a celebrity in this post. Now that we have that simple logic out of the way I will tell you what sort of famous person I would be tagging a ‘celebrity’ in this post. 

A celebrity is simply a famous person, who could have been famous for holding any of the roles usually accustomed to famous people, such as music, acting, sports, fashion, just good old riches amongst several and now the emerging reality TV. Please notice my use of ‘could have’ and may I emphasise that the phrase ‘could have’ would not apply to riches as that could also include royalty and usually the riches of celebrities’ are generational.  

 There are many celebrities around the world for example in England you have Kerry Katona, who used to be a musician in the girl band group Atomic Kitten but now has no profession but celebrity status and her own reality programme and magazine column she writes. Exactly, do you now see where this whole thing is going? Good! Kim Kardashian is another example of a celebrity in the USA, no one knows what she does but she is famous for her big bum and yes she stars in her family’s reality series. I think to top this celebrity chart would be Paris Hilton. You get the gist now? Celebrity is just plain old famous people.  

        Why am I doing this post, simply, I have a thing about reality television and by reality I mean all things non-fiction such has documentary and series about real lives of people, famous or not. From watching content on TV, I knew there was something awkward and I came to this understanding about celebrity status with no real job. I watched bits of the final of the ‘I’m a celebrity get me out of here 2010’ and 2009’s x-factor semi-finalist, Stacey Solomon won. I asked my lil sister, ‘so after x-factor what does she do now?’ and the answer was  ‘ she’s a celerity, that’s her work’. Now you may flaw me for writing this post altogether or for not taking the time to do my own research rather than depend on my lil sister for pop culture knowledge. Whatever your verdict, point is Stacey ain’t gat no known role but she is a celebrity.  

        When that happened I also remembered something I read   on Bella niaja, where Ebuka (bigbrother Nigeria 2006) was posed in one of those Fab pictures Bella puts up about events. And someone left a comment asking ‘What does this Ebuka guy do?’ several other comments later and the same question was been asked. This was the topic  I raised with my girlfriends over the holidays as a light hearted discussion. I therefore present to you a draft list of Nigerian’s own celebrity and potential individuals who will make that list. 

        1. Caroline Ekanem 
        Caroline as we all knew her was once a sweet little angel who had a budding acting career who famously stared in a Nollywood movie Deadly Kiss where she was French kissing our very own super star Tu face Idibia. Many girls envied her then as she was very close to man that very few women would ever have the opportunity to come close to.... (Sudden brake!)....can I please take that last statement back about few women and Tu face. As we can see his current reputation and breeding techniques would place my claims contrary to many. Back to this one time starlet, but now she only appears in events and is married to, as put it ‘billionaire hubby, Musa Danjuma’. Did I mention she has retired from acting? Caroline is your iconic celebrity. Before I continue with my list I’ll like to give you more attributes of a celebrity. They are usually very good looking or physically attractive. It’s one of the reasons they will never leave the lime light 'cause looks is one of the attributes that modern world survives on now.  Hence 
        2. Omowunmi Akinnifesi.  Ex-Beauty Queen and even Lagos State Environment Ambassador.  
        3. Adaeze Yobo. Beauty queen marries footballer...I will say no more.  
        4. Muncahi Abii. 2007 Nigerian beauty queen  and aspiring rapper.

        Yet another quality of celebrities when and if they do decide to hold a job it always has to be another profession in the limelight. So it’s never a case of I was a beauty queen and now I am a charted account!  No it’s beauty queen, then I own my own fashion label or glamour model turn singer want to turn actor. That’s the pattern. Can I add that Munachi is one of my ultra-fab looking people so she can remain celebrity for her whole life and it sooths me just fine.  Celebrities are not bad people they just use their popularity to an advantage, even though that’s not sounding how I meant it to... (Puzzled expression). 

       5. Ebuka, (famous from Nigeria’s only bigbrother series  to date), whom I already mentioned but didn’t put him on the proper list but am doing so now.  

There are other individuals who are closely approaching been on this list and others who I think celebrity status would fit them really well. 

Stella Damasus she is getting closer and closer to I used to act, am pretty and famous, I always have one scandal or another associated with my name, therefore I’m a celebrity put me on that Obitalker list.
Yinka Davis, famous singer, never dropped an album, okay so she’s on Nigerian idol...yet another thing about this celebrity people. They are always on one type of reality TV or the other. Example Idols, I’m a celebrity, Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend, Celebrity Big Brother, Gulder Ultimate Search, one game show or chart show. The list is endless and the pattern is based on the premise that they have to be visible to maintain the title. Can I just add that celebrities are not bad people, as often times they can use their status for good causes such as been ambassador for a charity or helping to raise charitable funds. They can also draw good attention to campaign such as a regional crisis or climate change. Back to my ‘potentials’’ list
Naeto C, Celebrity status will be sweet for this guy. He is ticking all the boxes of fine boy and too much swag. And that his song ‘successful’ has surely got to be a prophetic utterance of his every intentions of been on Nigeria’s celebrity list.  Of cause all this is when he decides to retire from rap.

I have run out of names individually, I know there are a couple of retired actors on that list and several Ex-beauty queens. Who knows some other blogger could have a longer more comprehensive list.


  1. "yikes!!" on ur list!! let them catch u! but good research anyways... lets only hope, our own Uti would not be on that list soonest...and whatever happned to the koko mansion babes? esp Rita, the super star the whole world made so much noise about... Plus I think Sasha is very much of a celeb than Naeto C is... at least he still featured in one of the last BBa stars's latest song release..

  2. ......not a very intresting observation; what makes you think people are so intrested in reading all this from a blog when it is so very available in a copy of 'city people' should consider writing for them since you have plenty of time to keep the stats.