Sunday, 14 March 2010

The day I decided blogging was good for my health

I can’t believe how long I’ve stayed away from blogger. My non-existent laptop didn’t help matters either, or moving houses between two regions. Yesterday I decided I would put finger to key pad but yesterday was a horrible day for me so I stayed away from my laptop. Apart from actually now having the tools and time to write, somebody told me that they always read my posts and I felt guilty that I had disappointed them for many months.

Whilst I have been away, a lot has happened. Tiger Woods refused to listen to anybody’s advice and finally decided to make that public apology. I didn’t watch it and I know its old news but he was also the centre topic of my last post and it makes sense that I try out 'continuity' in my posts (I hear voices laughing in my head). In this passing time Ashley Cole also decided to cheat on his wife Cheryl for a second time and get caught. Both men have succeeded in forever making it impossible for any white woman to settle with a mixed race man. Thank you Ashley and tiger for putting a permanent damaging plunge to the hard work of the likes of Obama as if the racial divide we already have isn’t bad enough.

I am not saying both men wouldn’t have cheated if they married other women but the similarity and timing and coincidences of their cases was just so ‘Gosh!’

And please I hope nobody reads this post and asks me why I didn’t call both men black, because I am no different from the average human being. When they are good and successful we take them as black but when they are bad and disgraceful we finally recognize that they are a combination. Sorry but this life isn’t fair.

Talking about fairness a uniformed police officer helped me carry my extra ordinary heavy suitcase down the stairs of Victoria station. I was really amazed how gracious he was and I am using this medium to give a shout out to good old metropolitan police. No, they didn’t stop anybody attacking me but we must show gratitude’s when good occurs.

Also in my absence the lady behind Bella Naija got a shout out from the Oprah show. Such good news, I bumped into and thought I must stick this on my post. I am just glad to be back and there’s so much I need to catch up with in blogosphere.