Tuesday, 15 December 2009

What did you think, that I won't do a post on Tiger Woods

I thought so myself, and continued thinking about it until gradually I saw this thing wasn't going away. Where do I start with this man? Is it how unfortunate his story has suddenly turned around among African-Americans or how he is now the best joke for every renowned comedian. What was this man thinking?!!!!

Tiger woods has cheated with over ten women, the one that the media is aware of-o!

Okay, I'm not angry, I'm just sorry for the dude. Yeah I take that back, I am not sorry for him. I think everyone should bear their own 'sorriness'? What is disturbing me is how this man could have made his wife Elin Nordegren sign a prenuptial agreement when he knows that he has a sick obsession with blonde girls. And apparently absolutely no self-control.

So I decided to do my own poem to Tiger Woods

Dear Tiger, dear Tiger woods:
You were once on your way to becoming a really a famous man
Until you let women scatter your head
You wanted to do sharp man sense for your poor wife but devil don catch you
I feel even more sorry for you because of what the black community in America will do to you
Talk less of the feminist movement
In fact your own has finished bro.
And we all thought you were a saint
Yeah! See how you deceived us
I pray that every cheating husband out there
Satan will expose their behind like this
To all you girls that don't have sense that are signing pre-nup up and down
Let this be a lesson to you
Why will a man be asking for 'pre-nup' if not guilty conscience of what he will do
At least this has opened some people's eyes

The end

So I am not the best poet but at least I tried. I made an effort.