Saturday, 21 November 2009

Just when I thought that Chinese and Japanese people couldn't sing!

Not too long ago I was accused of been a narrow-minded ranter on the internet. Like many minimal insults that come my way I brushed it aside and continued my good works on planet earth. I however fear that after this post that accuser may have many points on her plate. But do I care?... NOT!!!!!!!!!.

I have never been to Asia but I am a member of that generation that is grateful to the thing called internet. So like many people who have not gone to Asia I decided to go hunting for information about this continent. It was upon my quest that I stumbled on this dude.

He seems to know everything about the Chinese and he looks like one so why not. Including his sound knowledge about the priceless fact that Asians can't sing.

I wasn't privileged to dwell on this ignorance for too long when something happened. It was so extra ordinary it changed my life. I discovered this

and this,... which I saved for last as it's the best of the lot I came across.

It was all thanks to my cousin in the South. Apparently she is fascinated with the whole Japan-China thing and always plans to educate me when she can. Suddenly I had encountered this new knowledge and boldness as a result. So out of innocence I said, “this people are like the Americans” (the dialogue below is the result of that utterance).

Cousin-in-the-South: what!!!!! no-o!!!!!!!!
Obi-talker: what did I say wrong-na?
Cousin-in-the-South: It is the Americans that copied them.
Obi-talker: oh-oo, okay I did not know
Cousin-in-the-south: This is what every one doesn't know
Obi-talker: You might have a point-oo, because I remember back in Uni doing some research around the history of break dance and I discovered its links with kung fu fighting
Cousin-in-the-South: You see, you see!

At this point I am even beginning to question my own thought process. And wondering how I got into this debate and confirmation in the first place. It is here that I immediately declare that I am hungry. Am sure there are people out there who have just discovered this genre of music, I don't want to believe I am the only one...wait a minute, I actually could be! All said, its all hip-hop music.