Thursday, 12 November 2009

Just when I thought my flair for niaja music blogging has died

My days have been filled with many things, top of the list was supposed to be my climate change story until I unknowingly enrolled to register voters in my area for next year's coming elections. Little did I realise that this would involve walking in the harsh Yorkshire cold. I am also now an official A-Z. I have been to so many streets in the area that I now know almost everywhere there is to be known. In between that the bin men are still on strike. Technically they have been for the past two months (no pun intended). What am indirectly saying is that the situation in front of my house is so humiliating that my only family now identifies our home as the house with refuse in front of it. So yes there will be no pictures on this blog.

Thank you, but no thank you, I certainly am not in the league of bloggers who take pleasure in humiliating themselves on-line. The day I become that bold we'll all know. That said in the midst of all this problem, I see this video and yes something that takes my mind away from all I have to do.

I lied, the only reason this video is on my blog is because I know the dude in the green shirt running around been chased by those three guys (the guy with the mask is Lagbaja himself).

So the dude in the green shirt is Toby. He was my mate back in university days. And he is such an outstanding performer. He brings interpretation to what ever role he takes. He's a professional actor and choreographer who's performed across the globe. It's weird how I always run into him in the weirdest-least-expected places and I feel its happening again now. I mean, me seeing him in this video, just like that. Or how about just a few months back when I ran into him at Akoka. It still beats how I ran into him at West Ham, just like that. I mean I see the guy like anyway, so yeah, definitely worthy of been talked about on this blog.


  1. When you say i talk without fear, that is quite deep a statement to make and partially untrue if you ask for my candid opinion. take a minute to think back on how many times you have failed to say something or pass a message to someone in the exact manner or emotion you feel towards something, instead you think up a way to couch it. i have got examples to give but i guess i will have to save it for next time i visit your blogg

  2. I am trying to 'think' back but...sorry can't spot nothing. And no I did not ask for your candid opinion, but doesnt mean you shouldn't offer it anyways. I am open to all comments.