Tuesday, 6 October 2009

The Official African Anthem

We all thought this day would never come when whole continents would have an anthem to identify with. While the EU seems to be more concerned about building one united European nation and the debates about Tony Blair becoming president or not, it is my pleasure to announce to the world that the Africans have gone ahead of the game. Yes, its official JJC just produced the ultimate African anthem. And the mere fact that they beat the EU guys to it, it surely deserves a spot on my blog. Enjoy.

What I love about this video is the dark silhouette of the big-hips lady dancing in the centre of two other ladies. 'Me' thinks its only in an African video you can see that sort of 'fleshy-ness' celebrated in rhythm and movement.

My Whisper Moment...sssshhh
I just got selected to be part of the Project Survival Media team in Europe. I will also be doing new media reporting for them. Told you guys I had more to offer with all this my blogging and techno-experiment. Anyways I will keep you guys updated on the stories we cover and there will be a link from here to our stories.


  1. Loving this song. It is definitely one of my 'battle' songs.

    Congrats on the media gig! Let us know how to support you!

  2. this is fantastic, i love ur choice ofd music. I LOVE YOUR BLOG SO DAM MUCH! i will return again 2 view your l8est write up XD