Tuesday, 13 October 2009

My blogging detour from everything to climate change reporting

I had planned my next blog post it was going to be about some weird pop culture phenomenon, when Robert asked me to come to London to cover the UKYCC Powershift conference 2009. I instantly thought this guy must be joking, 'does he know where I live...? We don't just move and run through regions like that.' It was the Monday before the scheduled weekend for the event when I got the invitation. We had our first meeting next day on Tuesday. After the meeting I could only think of one thing, how skilled this group of young people are. How concerned they are about dedicating their time, energy and resources to work on the global issue of climate change.
I was so impressed with the lot that when Rob asked me again to come to London on such short notice I agreed. From that day it marked the beginning of a week that still holds the title of 'weirdest and most energetic week of my life'. I had to move everything in short notice and book my travel tickets really fast. I was able to and after two shut tube stations and asking for directions in a city I had been to so many times, I eventually got to the institute where the conference had started.

My first day on the job, with the help of 'Van' we managed to publish this. Before then there was some entertainment and this guy whom I found really talented was playing about with different instruments to make music. You can see some of the amateur clips below. This first one is really short but I need to stick it some where anyways.

I think this second clip is better. His name is Dan Smith.

I danced to Irish music, yes me! I put my own amateur clip of the music am talking about so

you know why this is a big thing to me...

Sorry just found out I haven't got any clips for them, amateur or pro. But these pictures should give you a pretty idea of the sort of music we're talking about here.

It's also a good thing you didn't see me dancing. Lets just say, it wasn't my best moves ever.

My Whisper Moment...sssshhh:

It was the first time I ever saw the double bass...Shameful I know but hey, who cares...

On my second day it was different. It was more work but we were unable to send out any articles. I had a problem directing my style of writing to suit a particular medium. In the time consumed for that process, it was too late to get anything out even when I did get something substantial at the very last minute. I was disappointed and not happy with myself. By the next day, monday, there was more important things to do which I wrote about here and other people talked about here too.
In summary
I made news...
I lost one of my recorded interview. I still can't explain how that happened.
I missed my coach back home...
but you know what, I'm more climate change conscious
And I've got bigger plans under my belt...
Finally please make no mistake to think that I will stop writing about pop culture.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

The Official African Anthem

We all thought this day would never come when whole continents would have an anthem to identify with. While the EU seems to be more concerned about building one united European nation and the debates about Tony Blair becoming president or not, it is my pleasure to announce to the world that the Africans have gone ahead of the game. Yes, its official JJC just produced the ultimate African anthem. And the mere fact that they beat the EU guys to it, it surely deserves a spot on my blog. Enjoy.

What I love about this video is the dark silhouette of the big-hips lady dancing in the centre of two other ladies. 'Me' thinks its only in an African video you can see that sort of 'fleshy-ness' celebrated in rhythm and movement.

My Whisper Moment...sssshhh
I just got selected to be part of the Project Survival Media team in Europe. I will also be doing new media reporting for them. Told you guys I had more to offer with all this my blogging and techno-experiment. Anyways I will keep you guys updated on the stories we cover and there will be a link from here to our stories.