Thursday, 10 September 2009

Sony Playstation's insult of Nigeria... An Update

I briefly mentioned this under My 9ja moment of thought in my last post and a lot has happened since then. So I have decided to revisit the matter. Fore mostly I can tell you that I was one of the first set of bloggers to highlight the danger of this 'sillyness' called advert. Even before the likes of Bella Naija... I'm kicking off with a letter related to this issue. Some one sent this to my email and I decided to share it with you lot. I found the content interesting and after you've read the original letter below, be sure to read my take at the end:

Fellow Nigerian,

On September 2nd 2009, an Advertisement that was produced by Sony Corp of America was brought to my attention by my cousin in Chicago (via his Facebook page). The Advert is produced to promote Sony’s new PS3 game console: Please click here to see the Advert. (Obi-talker's note: you can see the video inserted in my previous post)

On the same day that I saw the Advert, I called Ms. Lisa Davis, Sony Corp of America Press Coordinator – who was not at the office. I left a message with her secretary - who in turn gave me the name and phone number for a Peter Dille, the person whose Dept is responsible for the Advert. I in turn called Peter Dille, Sony Computer Entertainment (USA). He too was not available and I left a message with his secretary.

At about 5:50pm EST. Ms. Lisa Davis called me back. I expressed our (Nigerians) concern about the Advert. I also advised Ms. Davis that we (Nigerians and Africans) are in the process of mobilizing a global campaign against Sony products by Africans - unless the Advert is removed from all media outlet immediately. To her credit, Lisa told me that she watched the Advert before calling me and she didn't think it was Sony's intent to classify all Nigerians as cunning and untrustworthy. Ms. Davis did however promised to get in touch with Mr. Peter Dille to discuss the issue (Ad Campaign) and that she and/or someone from Sony Corp will keep in touch with me.

Finally, at about 8:45pm EST, I received a phone call from a Mr. Patrick Seybold, VP Sony USA Public Relations - whom I'd spoken with earlier at about 6:55pm EST. During his call to me, Mr. Seybold regrettably noted that the advert was not intended to offend Nigerians as a group of people or country. Mr. Seybold also assured me that Sony will pull the Adverts from all paid media (except the ones on the Internet) by the end of this week.

It should be noted that during the entire day, I made several unsuccessful attempts to reach someone at the Nigerian Embassies and Consulates in New York, Washington, DC and Atlanta. Their phones were never answered and no one was picking at their listed extensions either. What a Shame!!!

In order for us Nigerians to collectively have a voice in the world, we need to form a reputable organization - through which we will be able to respond effectively and responsibly against negative publicity against our people and country.

Please join this newly-formed organization, Global Association of Nigerians with Integrity.

We are not all thieves, fraudsters, untrustworthy, 419 and we should STAND UP against any business, media or other group that classify ALL Nigerians as such!
Olalekan Yusuf, Founder
Global Association of Nigerians with Integrity.

Obi-talker Take:
I admire Yusuf's effort and what he's done for Nigeria but that's where it stops. The part where he goes on about inorder for us...we need to form a reputable organization... NOT!!!!!!!! No forming of any organization will stop other countries from humiliating us in their media. Do you know how many organisations we have?....exactly. First of all I will like to state it clearly irrespective of who it offends that I will not join the above group. I Obi-talker will not join another facebook group about moving Nigerians forward. Because I am tired. How many facebook groups I have joined in the name of Nigeria. There are so many them and I am not interested in another one under what ever label. What has forming a facebook group got to do with this playstation advert. This is a simple case of some one designing an online petition and let 50,000 or more Nigerians or any body sign their name to it. I would have done it but guess what I don't have that sort of on-line skills, and I don't claim to either. I know some people are going to accuse me of leaving the main issue and talking about facebook group. Sorry, I just don't see why Yusuf needed to start another group. All he had to do was just join the already existing ones and put his idea forward by leaving a post on the wall. It's that simple. By using the platform and members that others have established. And if a petition pulles through, am telling you that Sony will pull the advert even from the internet because in today's day and age that's how information travels. You think they don't know what they are doing, this is a 'wired' company we're talking about.

We Nigerians when we are supposed to do something we will turn it to something else. This playstation advert is not an avenue to form NGO this is a basic matter of petition creation and signatures' execution. Even the government can't make as much impact as if the people spoke out themselves... By the way, I'm not even going to start on the movie District 9. Lets just say its a good thing I haven't watched it. I so do not intend to give my money to anybody who disses 9ja.

My Latest on-line Adventure:
Remember my last post on p-square, defending their new video danger. Apparently it got me into some kind of online war with an absolute stranger. So I have decided to make a late year resolution. I do not intend to be engaging in frivolous online battles. Nigerians can be very cyber-brutal at times. They always turn simple comments into something else and I don't even know who sent me message in the first place.


  1. I like that letter. Off to check out the site.

    About the Sony ad and District 9 movie, well I put my thoughts up here and will have to leave it at that but I agree that we Nigerians have to become much better advocates for ourselves, you know. We will do it though.