Tuesday, 1 September 2009

P-square's new video- Danger. So what's the problem?!

What's all the noise about p-square's new video. Some people within the Nigerian entertainment blogger-sphere have been making noise about it. This is how it all started. First they released the song and our many music critics suggested the song's not as great as their previous tracks. Then they released the video and the same people claim that the quick release of the video is to salvage all that's left of their new hit single. I am actually more concerned about the video and how people want to put it down even before a month of its release.

My Point is some people can not survive without seeing half-naked girls in their video. When its not that, they start to complain about the music video been whacked. p-squares new single is different and you can bet on it that other Nigerian musicians are going to copy this playful style and colourful trend in their next music video. It's not the first time we've seen it and frankly it's a trend in Niaja music were p-square sets the pace and others follow suit. Remember when they made their other videos with a multiracial cast of girls from South Africa, every other 9ja hip hop artist started finding their way to SA too. Even then I had a hard time explaining to my non-African friends that Nigeria is not a multiracial country like the States. And trust me I don't want to be put in that situation again.

But what is this obsession with girls scantly dressed dancing in a video. The point is if the music is rubbish, it doesn't matter if there are ten past Miss world beauty queens featured in that video it will still be whacked. I have a couple of videos that I really like. Some of them were released a long time ago so I wont stick them here, but there's this particular one I like and it's by J.martins. Its an example of how an SA trip does not have to end up with half-naked woman been the centre of your video.

By the way, I am not going to do a poll on the style of p-square's video because it makes no sense to argue about this. I'm more interested in what you feel about Wande Coal's musical abilities.


And the award goes to Sony's playstation 3's humiliation of Nigeria...

What is all this nonsense about playstation calling Nigeria's name in their failed attempt at a sales advertisement. Are they the first person to do sales in this world. It just shows how desperate they are to insult a whole country because of a piece of non-living item. Why will anybody stereotype an entire country because of the misbehaviour of some groups of people. Are we expected to get the humour in this sickening advertisement, because if we are, I am so not laughing at this idiotism called marketing strategy.


  1. i do think the play station saga should be a topic of its own cos it has a lot to do with the bad press nigeria gets abroad. Akuyili almost had a conniption when Clinton ranted on about d state of corruption in Nigeria and its 'implications'. it is sickening what is happening in the country but i dont think anybody has a right to make it their topic for critism or their concept for an advert that is targeted at a segment of the population (kids, i think) who would not get the joke.