Saturday, 26 September 2009

How does anyone go from Nigerian Bloggers to J. Martins to Rita Isoken Igbinedion

Gosh Nigerian bloggers make me want to write even more. I have decided that writing is the way I must go. In my silence these past days I have been round the Nigerian blogsphere. I have seen emotions poured out and issues debated in a way that captures all of my attention especially about District 9 and Sony Playstation 3. But like all things a-political cum News-worthy, the noise will die down and I will get back to good old 9ja entertainment gist. However I am very impressed with Naija bloggers and my fascination remains intact. There have been a lot of people telling me to carry on doing my thing, even though I haven't done much to be honest. I am grateful to them and also to Solomon of Nigerian curiosity. He was so gracious to stop by my blog and drop a kind word of encouragement for the very little writing that I have done. It felt like an older more experienced blogger encouraging an amateur blogger. Thank you Solomon. I didn't do this on the comments section because I have an 'anti-' thing about commenting on my own posts. I see it happen on other blogs but for now I will not be doing that until the provocation arises.

Moving on, J martins has released another new video you can see it below in case you missed it.

It's a feel good video and adopts a style that has been used on other 9ja music videos. But it does something better for me, it features one of my favourite reality TV personalities. Can you guess who? I did mention her briefly in my first post. Yes, its Rita Isoken Igbinedion of Mohits and HiTV's Koko mansion. She's in J. martins' Oyoyo new video. And for that reason alone this video deserves a spot on my blog. I'm sorry the last J.martins video I put up is doing the normal techno-failure thing that I don't get either. But its Youtube so I don't expect too much.

I am glad that Rita is back on our air waves. Check out her interview with Next.

For all you RFC (Rita Fan club) members or simply just been your curious self, you can get more of Rita in her own words unedited and even more via her facebook group.

My 9ja Moment of Thought:
I wonder what Rita is going to do next. Perhaps start her own reality show. I do hope she can live out the Nigerian dream. Which is?


  1. Glad I could be of some help, Obi.
    Thanks for sharing the Rita video.

    BTW, SolomonSydelle is a she...