Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Something catastrophic is going to happen to over three-quarters of people on earth within this 21st century


This is a bold disclaimer, setting the records straight click my link above if you need more proof. The above are not my words and they have been rephrased to capture James Lovelock's predictions on the fate of the human race in this 21st century. Its the 18th of August and I'm trying to catch up with my news for the day. So in-between Afghanistan's bombing just two days to their election which is a sign that the Taliban 'means' them, I switch to watch BBC news HARDtalk. The presenter Stephen Sackur is doing an interview with James Lovelock a celebrated environmental scientist who then succeeds in shattering every known ideology that exists about the earth and climate change as I know it to be. He says we all wasting our time on these renewable energy and wind turbine nonsense. Its already too late for us and the earth. So right now I am trying to calm myself and I am writing about it—this blogging thing is good for me. With all these bombing the Taliban is giving its people I am certain that only the strong minded will go out and vote in that election. Right now I am so tempted to design a poll to ask you guys if you would vote if you were an Afghan, but my gut instincts tells me y'all going to say no. So just in case a young Afghan girl stumbles across this blog I don't want her to say it's obi-amaka-talker who discouraged her from voting. Bi ko!!!!!!!!!!!

There's too many depression news even for me so I switched my channel and I stumbled on MTV and on my screen was Tinchy Stryder, one fine girl is featuring him on her song. And it immediately reminds me of something which I've decided to share with you guys. A few months ago I was in Abuja and I remember asking a friend if she had heard of Tinchy Stryder. She said categorically Not! (as in Pinky and the Brain style of 'No', take note as I will be using 'Not' a lot on this blog). Its amazing how in recent times anything he touches whether he sings it or somebody features him, (confession time: I can't pronounce the guy's name) it always makes the official UK number 1 spot. Yet no one knows him in 9ja or maybe I didn't meet any who knew him either way its like that for a lot of these British musicians but for the Americans its different.

You're probably wondering again why am even writing about him, well recently I saw another young Nigerian artist 'Whizkid' and the next thing that fell out of my mouth is “this Whizkid is our own Tinchy Stryder” there was some resemblance, their looks, their swagga, their outfits. I wonder if this guy can pull the same number 1 effects though I hear his running towards that goal already rolling with the likes of M.I.

Back to depression story, please somebody tell me that what I saw on BBC about the Nigerian government pulling out the shares of five major banks from the stock market, is a joke. Because my hard earned money is in one of those banks so I don't even know what is happening. I've put the links below so you see the tension yourself.



The more I hope its just some kind of misinformation...

All this sad talk of bombs and election and the earth and government crossing out bank shares, I'm seriously thinking maybe I should stick to blogging about good old entertainment.


  1. Babes!good write up!I'll however beg to disagree with the news concerning the pulling of the five shares of the five bank mentioned. The Director General of the Nigerian Stock exchange put the shares on a Full suspension meaning that they wont be traded on for a period of 2 weeks. This is to favour the investors of those banks so that thier shares wont plunge bad due to the structural changes going on at the moment.

  2. good one..much improved from the first one..keep up the good work.
    PS: u getting paid for this?