Thursday, 13 August 2009

My first day on the job

Its my début article and I am finally doing what I wanted and what I should have started a long time ago. I am a talker and like most talkers my friends are the victims. And you know what it's not just how I go about my talking it's what I talk about. I'll tell you little about about my favourite subjects which I think will evolve in the next few years but will undeniably influence what I write now. This is not your usual blogger (that's what they all say), she's got an opinion and it will be written for all to see. I like politics I do find the American system interesting (and all that has to do with it partially because their media has taken it into our faces and to be fair a lot of movies have been made about it). I am also find the Nigerian hip hop emergence fascinating but you know what I don't even live in either country... I know you're thinking this is the time to close this window and click on Perezhilton but you shouldn't do that because it means technically I've got an unbiased view on both issues. I think that's how it works?

Anyways I'm not that useless and I still do work as a writer if blogging is defined as writing. What ever you do, do not touch that x button in the red square at the edge of your computer. “Don't touch that dial” as they would say. did I hear you say who, I meant the people on TV you know famous people, celebrities and musicians ( I believe this means one and the same that is celebrities are musicians and musicians are celebrities).

This will not be like those other blogs where the blogger just dishes out their bio and you're wondering what am I doing with all this info. Exactly, I will not be engaging in such scrupulous activities such as applying any unwarranted use of English words all in the name of blogging but with nothing substantial to say. I know what's coming to your mind right now and no I am not referring to this particular piece of writing. Once in a while I could feature some of my 'web' friends that is if they agree to do my laundry for a week. With this new age of facebook, friendship has gone 'e' as in e-friends, I could write about that even though it doesn't fall into any of the categories I mentioned.

Seriously, I shall be handling topical issues because we need a forum to express ourselves. You will know my bad and good days, can you tell what's up today...yes you're right. Am a bit behind because the next biggest thing in reality TV after Big brother happened in Nigeria koko mansion. if I had started blogging a couple of weeks back I would have written my own 10 reasons why Rita was loved by a great percentage of Nigerians even though she wasn't the most eloquent 'kokolet'. Well the show is ended and I've missed another chance to set me on the world stage as an international blogger not like the ones Sarah Palin described, you know the ones she said were wearing pyjamas and blogging and didn't know nothing about what they were writing about. Back to the show I missed (did I hear someone saying leave it Obi its gone) well its ended now but the debates won't end. With members of my bloggerhood (such as Bella naija) saying that the winner Bolanle would only have 15 'mins' of fame. It caused some reaction but I'm not going to talk about it this time.

I am now concerned why Hillary Clinton had a bad interpreter at her trip in Kenya, because of the interpreter's error she ended up screaming at an innocent person who will be famous because they asked a question, 'that wasn't', that sent the woman raging, giving female critics another thing to talk about or blog about. But lets all assume the student did ask that question don't you think she should have swallowed her pride a bit and pretended it didn't matter. Honestly what I think, give the woman a break but am sure some others don't feel that way. Right now its a WELCOME from me to me into cyberworld.


  1. hey talkativity is the real deal. nice one for a start. i hope you can keep up with the events because back here in naija there's never a dull moment. wishin you all the best. talk na talk, and style nan style eh!

  2. not bad..still need a lot of work though..ur organisation and delivery needs major improvement,lose the typos and find wit from somewhere and u'll be fine. good luck!

  3. Welcome?? any welcome party?? address?

  4. this was really fun 2 read i should be looking out 4 further issues or would i say write ups..neways nice stuff