Tuesday, 15 December 2009

What did you think, that I won't do a post on Tiger Woods

I thought so myself, and continued thinking about it until gradually I saw this thing wasn't going away. Where do I start with this man? Is it how unfortunate his story has suddenly turned around among African-Americans or how he is now the best joke for every renowned comedian. What was this man thinking?!!!!

Tiger woods has cheated with over ten women, the one that the media is aware of-o!

Okay, I'm not angry, I'm just sorry for the dude. Yeah I take that back, I am not sorry for him. I think everyone should bear their own 'sorriness'? What is disturbing me is how this man could have made his wife Elin Nordegren sign a prenuptial agreement when he knows that he has a sick obsession with blonde girls. And apparently absolutely no self-control.

So I decided to do my own poem to Tiger Woods

Dear Tiger, dear Tiger woods:
You were once on your way to becoming a really a famous man
Until you let women scatter your head
You wanted to do sharp man sense for your poor wife but devil don catch you
I feel even more sorry for you because of what the black community in America will do to you
Talk less of the feminist movement
In fact your own has finished bro.
And we all thought you were a saint
Yeah! See how you deceived us
I pray that every cheating husband out there
Satan will expose their behind like this
To all you girls that don't have sense that are signing pre-nup up and down
Let this be a lesson to you
Why will a man be asking for 'pre-nup' if not guilty conscience of what he will do
At least this has opened some people's eyes

The end

So I am not the best poet but at least I tried. I made an effort.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Just when I thought that Chinese and Japanese people couldn't sing!

Not too long ago I was accused of been a narrow-minded ranter on the internet. Like many minimal insults that come my way I brushed it aside and continued my good works on planet earth. I however fear that after this post that accuser may have many points on her plate. But do I care?... NOT!!!!!!!!!.

I have never been to Asia but I am a member of that generation that is grateful to the thing called internet. So like many people who have not gone to Asia I decided to go hunting for information about this continent. It was upon my quest that I stumbled on this dude.

He seems to know everything about the Chinese and he looks like one so why not. Including his sound knowledge about the priceless fact that Asians can't sing.

I wasn't privileged to dwell on this ignorance for too long when something happened. It was so extra ordinary it changed my life. I discovered this

and this,... which I saved for last as it's the best of the lot I came across.

It was all thanks to my cousin in the South. Apparently she is fascinated with the whole Japan-China thing and always plans to educate me when she can. Suddenly I had encountered this new knowledge and boldness as a result. So out of innocence I said, “this people are like the Americans” (the dialogue below is the result of that utterance).

Cousin-in-the-South: what!!!!! no-o!!!!!!!!
Obi-talker: what did I say wrong-na?
Cousin-in-the-South: It is the Americans that copied them.
Obi-talker: oh-oo, okay I did not know
Cousin-in-the-south: This is what every one doesn't know
Obi-talker: You might have a point-oo, because I remember back in Uni doing some research around the history of break dance and I discovered its links with kung fu fighting
Cousin-in-the-South: You see, you see!

At this point I am even beginning to question my own thought process. And wondering how I got into this debate and confirmation in the first place. It is here that I immediately declare that I am hungry. Am sure there are people out there who have just discovered this genre of music, I don't want to believe I am the only one...wait a minute, I actually could be! All said, its all hip-hop music.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Just when I thought my flair for niaja music blogging has died

My days have been filled with many things, top of the list was supposed to be my climate change story until I unknowingly enrolled to register voters in my area for next year's coming elections. Little did I realise that this would involve walking in the harsh Yorkshire cold. I am also now an official A-Z. I have been to so many streets in the area that I now know almost everywhere there is to be known. In between that the bin men are still on strike. Technically they have been for the past two months (no pun intended). What am indirectly saying is that the situation in front of my house is so humiliating that my only family now identifies our home as the house with refuse in front of it. So yes there will be no pictures on this blog.

Thank you, but no thank you, I certainly am not in the league of bloggers who take pleasure in humiliating themselves on-line. The day I become that bold we'll all know. That said in the midst of all this problem, I see this video and yes something that takes my mind away from all I have to do.

I lied, the only reason this video is on my blog is because I know the dude in the green shirt running around been chased by those three guys (the guy with the mask is Lagbaja himself).

So the dude in the green shirt is Toby. He was my mate back in university days. And he is such an outstanding performer. He brings interpretation to what ever role he takes. He's a professional actor and choreographer who's performed across the globe. It's weird how I always run into him in the weirdest-least-expected places and I feel its happening again now. I mean, me seeing him in this video, just like that. Or how about just a few months back when I ran into him at Akoka. It still beats how I ran into him at West Ham, just like that. I mean I see the guy like anyway, so yeah, definitely worthy of been talked about on this blog.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Are you into Climate change? Can you get to Yorkshire on Friday?

A limited number of tickets are available for the Countdown to Copenhagen Debate which will take place from 6.00-7.30pm on Friday 13th November at the University of Leeds.

Hosted by the Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy, the debate will be introduced by University of Leeds’ Vice-Chancellor, Professor Michael Arthur and chaired by Centre Director, Professor Andy Gouldson.

Our panel comprises:

- Franny Armstrong, Director of the Age of Stupid and founder of the 10:10 campaign
- the Rt Hon Hilary Benn MP, Secretary of State for DEFRA
- Piers Forster, Professor of Climate Change, Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy, University of Leeds
- Edward McMillan-Scott MEP, Vice-President of the European Parliament
- the Rt Hon John Prescott MP, Leader of the British delegation to the Council of Europe/ Rapporteur for Climate Change for the Council of Europe
- Ashok Sinha, Director of the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition

The debate, which will be a catalyst for a lively open question and answer session with an audience comprising students, university staff, people from the city and region working on climate-change/sustainability, activists and members of the public, will explore issues such as:

- Given the latest scientific evidence on climate change, what kind of global deal does the world need?
- What are the obstacles to achievement at Copenhagen and how can these be overcome?
- What should the UK and the EU be doing to enhance the prospects for an ambitious global deal at Copenhagen?
- How can activists/other interested parties best maintain political pressure on Government/other decision makers?
- How will Government ministries work together to deliver on commitments made at Copenhagen?
- What impacts might a global deal at Copenhagen have on the economy and society in the UK and internationally?

Remaining places will be offered on a first come-first served basis. To request a place, please email Centre Administrator, Margo Hanson (m.hanson@leeds.ac.uk ), ensuring that your full name, and if relevant, name of your organisation, are detailed in your reply.

Details of the venue and arrangements to collect tickets will be emailed nearer the time.

Although there will be an open question and answer session after the panel debate, we would like our audience to inform the debate itself and would welcome any questions or important points you would like raising during the debate. Please include these in your email reply.

Obi-talk time:
Inbetween me trying to work out my reports for Project Survival Media, I think this debate is great stuff for the way forward. I received this and thought I should spill it.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

My blogging detour from everything to climate change reporting

I had planned my next blog post it was going to be about some weird pop culture phenomenon, when Robert asked me to come to London to cover the UKYCC Powershift conference 2009. I instantly thought this guy must be joking, 'does he know where I live...? We don't just move and run through regions like that.' It was the Monday before the scheduled weekend for the event when I got the invitation. We had our first meeting next day on Tuesday. After the meeting I could only think of one thing, how skilled this group of young people are. How concerned they are about dedicating their time, energy and resources to work on the global issue of climate change.
I was so impressed with the lot that when Rob asked me again to come to London on such short notice I agreed. From that day it marked the beginning of a week that still holds the title of 'weirdest and most energetic week of my life'. I had to move everything in short notice and book my travel tickets really fast. I was able to and after two shut tube stations and asking for directions in a city I had been to so many times, I eventually got to the institute where the conference had started.

My first day on the job, with the help of 'Van' we managed to publish this. Before then there was some entertainment and this guy whom I found really talented was playing about with different instruments to make music. You can see some of the amateur clips below. This first one is really short but I need to stick it some where anyways.

I think this second clip is better. His name is Dan Smith.

I danced to Irish music, yes me! I put my own amateur clip of the music am talking about so

you know why this is a big thing to me...

Sorry just found out I haven't got any clips for them, amateur or pro. But these pictures should give you a pretty idea of the sort of music we're talking about here.

It's also a good thing you didn't see me dancing. Lets just say, it wasn't my best moves ever.

My Whisper Moment...sssshhh:

It was the first time I ever saw the double bass...Shameful I know but hey, who cares...

On my second day it was different. It was more work but we were unable to send out any articles. I had a problem directing my style of writing to suit a particular medium. In the time consumed for that process, it was too late to get anything out even when I did get something substantial at the very last minute. I was disappointed and not happy with myself. By the next day, monday, there was more important things to do which I wrote about here and other people talked about here too.
In summary
I made news...
I lost one of my recorded interview. I still can't explain how that happened.
I missed my coach back home...
but you know what, I'm more climate change conscious
And I've got bigger plans under my belt...
Finally please make no mistake to think that I will stop writing about pop culture.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

The Official African Anthem

We all thought this day would never come when whole continents would have an anthem to identify with. While the EU seems to be more concerned about building one united European nation and the debates about Tony Blair becoming president or not, it is my pleasure to announce to the world that the Africans have gone ahead of the game. Yes, its official JJC just produced the ultimate African anthem. And the mere fact that they beat the EU guys to it, it surely deserves a spot on my blog. Enjoy.

What I love about this video is the dark silhouette of the big-hips lady dancing in the centre of two other ladies. 'Me' thinks its only in an African video you can see that sort of 'fleshy-ness' celebrated in rhythm and movement.

My Whisper Moment...sssshhh
I just got selected to be part of the Project Survival Media team in Europe. I will also be doing new media reporting for them. Told you guys I had more to offer with all this my blogging and techno-experiment. Anyways I will keep you guys updated on the stories we cover and there will be a link from here to our stories.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

How does anyone go from Nigerian Bloggers to J. Martins to Rita Isoken Igbinedion

Gosh Nigerian bloggers make me want to write even more. I have decided that writing is the way I must go. In my silence these past days I have been round the Nigerian blogsphere. I have seen emotions poured out and issues debated in a way that captures all of my attention especially about District 9 and Sony Playstation 3. But like all things a-political cum News-worthy, the noise will die down and I will get back to good old 9ja entertainment gist. However I am very impressed with Naija bloggers and my fascination remains intact. There have been a lot of people telling me to carry on doing my thing, even though I haven't done much to be honest. I am grateful to them and also to Solomon of Nigerian curiosity. He was so gracious to stop by my blog and drop a kind word of encouragement for the very little writing that I have done. It felt like an older more experienced blogger encouraging an amateur blogger. Thank you Solomon. I didn't do this on the comments section because I have an 'anti-' thing about commenting on my own posts. I see it happen on other blogs but for now I will not be doing that until the provocation arises.

Moving on, J martins has released another new video you can see it below in case you missed it.

It's a feel good video and adopts a style that has been used on other 9ja music videos. But it does something better for me, it features one of my favourite reality TV personalities. Can you guess who? I did mention her briefly in my first post. Yes, its Rita Isoken Igbinedion of Mohits and HiTV's Koko mansion. She's in J. martins' Oyoyo new video. And for that reason alone this video deserves a spot on my blog. I'm sorry the last J.martins video I put up is doing the normal techno-failure thing that I don't get either. But its Youtube so I don't expect too much.

I am glad that Rita is back on our air waves. Check out her interview with Next.

For all you RFC (Rita Fan club) members or simply just been your curious self, you can get more of Rita in her own words unedited and even more via her facebook group.

My 9ja Moment of Thought:
I wonder what Rita is going to do next. Perhaps start her own reality show. I do hope she can live out the Nigerian dream. Which is?

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Writing or talking...Now I have to decide!

This is me trying out my technology skills.

I ask that you do not take me too seriously except the part of me not liking young couples groping themselves on my streets. But if it all works out well, I promise you guys to do the really hard work and I have many exciting topics and interviews lined up... honestly. But I do have talk in my name to be fair so it only makes sense that I try it out. Which I am.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Sony Playstation's insult of Nigeria... An Update

I briefly mentioned this under My 9ja moment of thought in my last post and a lot has happened since then. So I have decided to revisit the matter. Fore mostly I can tell you that I was one of the first set of bloggers to highlight the danger of this 'sillyness' called advert. Even before the likes of Bella Naija... I'm kicking off with a letter related to this issue. Some one sent this to my email and I decided to share it with you lot. I found the content interesting and after you've read the original letter below, be sure to read my take at the end:

Fellow Nigerian,

On September 2nd 2009, an Advertisement that was produced by Sony Corp of America was brought to my attention by my cousin in Chicago (via his Facebook page). The Advert is produced to promote Sony’s new PS3 game console: Please click here to see the Advert. (Obi-talker's note: you can see the video inserted in my previous post)

On the same day that I saw the Advert, I called Ms. Lisa Davis, Sony Corp of America Press Coordinator – who was not at the office. I left a message with her secretary - who in turn gave me the name and phone number for a Peter Dille, the person whose Dept is responsible for the Advert. I in turn called Peter Dille, Sony Computer Entertainment (USA). He too was not available and I left a message with his secretary.

At about 5:50pm EST. Ms. Lisa Davis called me back. I expressed our (Nigerians) concern about the Advert. I also advised Ms. Davis that we (Nigerians and Africans) are in the process of mobilizing a global campaign against Sony products by Africans - unless the Advert is removed from all media outlet immediately. To her credit, Lisa told me that she watched the Advert before calling me and she didn't think it was Sony's intent to classify all Nigerians as cunning and untrustworthy. Ms. Davis did however promised to get in touch with Mr. Peter Dille to discuss the issue (Ad Campaign) and that she and/or someone from Sony Corp will keep in touch with me.

Finally, at about 8:45pm EST, I received a phone call from a Mr. Patrick Seybold, VP Sony USA Public Relations - whom I'd spoken with earlier at about 6:55pm EST. During his call to me, Mr. Seybold regrettably noted that the advert was not intended to offend Nigerians as a group of people or country. Mr. Seybold also assured me that Sony will pull the Adverts from all paid media (except the ones on the Internet) by the end of this week.

It should be noted that during the entire day, I made several unsuccessful attempts to reach someone at the Nigerian Embassies and Consulates in New York, Washington, DC and Atlanta. Their phones were never answered and no one was picking at their listed extensions either. What a Shame!!!

In order for us Nigerians to collectively have a voice in the world, we need to form a reputable organization - through which we will be able to respond effectively and responsibly against negative publicity against our people and country.

Please join this newly-formed organization, Global Association of Nigerians with Integrity.

We are not all thieves, fraudsters, untrustworthy, 419 and we should STAND UP against any business, media or other group that classify ALL Nigerians as such!
Olalekan Yusuf, Founder
Global Association of Nigerians with Integrity.

Obi-talker Take:
I admire Yusuf's effort and what he's done for Nigeria but that's where it stops. The part where he goes on about inorder for us...we need to form a reputable organization... NOT!!!!!!!! No forming of any organization will stop other countries from humiliating us in their media. Do you know how many organisations we have?....exactly. First of all I will like to state it clearly irrespective of who it offends that I will not join the above group. I Obi-talker will not join another facebook group about moving Nigerians forward. Because I am tired. How many facebook groups I have joined in the name of Nigeria. There are so many them and I am not interested in another one under what ever label. What has forming a facebook group got to do with this playstation advert. This is a simple case of some one designing an online petition and let 50,000 or more Nigerians or any body sign their name to it. I would have done it but guess what I don't have that sort of on-line skills, and I don't claim to either. I know some people are going to accuse me of leaving the main issue and talking about facebook group. Sorry, I just don't see why Yusuf needed to start another group. All he had to do was just join the already existing ones and put his idea forward by leaving a post on the wall. It's that simple. By using the platform and members that others have established. And if a petition pulles through, am telling you that Sony will pull the advert even from the internet because in today's day and age that's how information travels. You think they don't know what they are doing, this is a 'wired' company we're talking about.

We Nigerians when we are supposed to do something we will turn it to something else. This playstation advert is not an avenue to form NGO this is a basic matter of petition creation and signatures' execution. Even the government can't make as much impact as if the people spoke out themselves... By the way, I'm not even going to start on the movie District 9. Lets just say its a good thing I haven't watched it. I so do not intend to give my money to anybody who disses 9ja.

My Latest on-line Adventure:
Remember my last post on p-square, defending their new video danger. Apparently it got me into some kind of online war with an absolute stranger. So I have decided to make a late year resolution. I do not intend to be engaging in frivolous online battles. Nigerians can be very cyber-brutal at times. They always turn simple comments into something else and I don't even know who sent me message in the first place.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

P-square's new video- Danger. So what's the problem?!

What's all the noise about p-square's new video. Some people within the Nigerian entertainment blogger-sphere have been making noise about it. This is how it all started. First they released the song and our many music critics suggested the song's not as great as their previous tracks. Then they released the video and the same people claim that the quick release of the video is to salvage all that's left of their new hit single. I am actually more concerned about the video and how people want to put it down even before a month of its release.

My Point is some people can not survive without seeing half-naked girls in their video. When its not that, they start to complain about the music video been whacked. p-squares new single is different and you can bet on it that other Nigerian musicians are going to copy this playful style and colourful trend in their next music video. It's not the first time we've seen it and frankly it's a trend in Niaja music were p-square sets the pace and others follow suit. Remember when they made their other videos with a multiracial cast of girls from South Africa, every other 9ja hip hop artist started finding their way to SA too. Even then I had a hard time explaining to my non-African friends that Nigeria is not a multiracial country like the States. And trust me I don't want to be put in that situation again.

But what is this obsession with girls scantly dressed dancing in a video. The point is if the music is rubbish, it doesn't matter if there are ten past Miss world beauty queens featured in that video it will still be whacked. I have a couple of videos that I really like. Some of them were released a long time ago so I wont stick them here, but there's this particular one I like and it's by J.martins. Its an example of how an SA trip does not have to end up with half-naked woman been the centre of your video.

By the way, I am not going to do a poll on the style of p-square's video because it makes no sense to argue about this. I'm more interested in what you feel about Wande Coal's musical abilities.


And the award goes to Sony's playstation 3's humiliation of Nigeria...

What is all this nonsense about playstation calling Nigeria's name in their failed attempt at a sales advertisement. Are they the first person to do sales in this world. It just shows how desperate they are to insult a whole country because of a piece of non-living item. Why will anybody stereotype an entire country because of the misbehaviour of some groups of people. Are we expected to get the humour in this sickening advertisement, because if we are, I am so not laughing at this idiotism called marketing strategy.

Saturday, 29 August 2009


HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! (Intense laughter)....sorry to have started this piece like this but I have been thinking of this title all day and it just makes me laugh any time I do. It reminds me of my university days where I sat in classes under the likes of the late Professor Bode Osanyin. I did so much literature I was constantly always having to critic text and all. Fortunately I am not doing that here but it's odd how I've taken that skill and decided to use it on hip hop. Nigerian hip-hop. Obi-talker, what are you doing?...I can't answer that question myself and more the reason why I see the need to fire on.

You will either accept my above explanation or you will accept this one: Wande Coal can be described as a young nigerian 'up-and-coming' musician alias rising Mo'hits star who is on tune now. As a smart talker it just makes common sense that I do a piece on him so that when you google his name my blog comes up. Simple as ABC. I'm a smart woman puleasssssssse!

I'll do you this deal with my non-Nigerian readers. As we go along, so that I carry you along, ( I can rhyme right?) I'll explain some of the terms I use but note I will only do this once in this particular piece. Niaja or 9ja is the same thing as Nigeria, we got that and its out of the way. Now, who is Wande Coal. And for that answer I will be quoting one of my sources... “ I know the guy na, na my younger brother classmate for unilag until he started following Dbanj and Don”. Definition time, Unilag is the best university in Nigeria. I strongly advice the Igbinedionites and Convenites to please keep out of this arguemnets as well as the babcock-nites. I will write about this issue on another day but for now lets leave that as a fact. This is the little I know about this guy neither does the mohits profile on him make my knowlegde any better. The picture doesn't even look like him! Seriously who is this young man who just gave up an education in the most prestigious university in Nigeria for a musical career? Exactly I don't know him either, so technically we are on the same page. But I do know he's part of the biggest musical label in Niaja and he just came out with his first album about a month ago, which is what I'm blogging about.

What makes him special, good question. Honestly I just happen to stumble on his CD and I need something to blog about. Also I figured that because he's such a big guy if I talk about him, I'll be popular too. You know like how Piers Morgan makes a living interviewing Jordan everytime, exactly. More importantly I'm blogging him cause I have no editor. So I can select my contents as I wish. This is what I love about blogging. I am my own editor. It's a rare experience. I remember when I used to write and actually get paid to do so I had several editors and I hated all of them...of cause I'm kidding. I still want to get jobs in the future you really don't expect me to slam my previous employers on this page now do you?

All this diversion, back to Wande Coal and his album. I'm not going to do a review of all his songs that will be going beyond the pursuit of fame, it will be down right insanity. But I will present my veiw on it. Track one and two will appeal to you if you like the likes of 50cents and Snopp doggy. So if you're the kind of listener who enjoys music about men doing naughty things to women these tracks will appeal to you. And perhaps you may better appreciate the musician's use of indirect language in describing what we already know he's saying. However if you are an outright feminist, overtly religious person or a parent with young children who constantly complains about the moral destruction of our society, yes you, am talking about you, you will dislike these tracks or prentend to. Track three captures Wande's own kind of patriotism and it's about the unstablilty of Nigeria's progress. Let me tell you about my two favourite tracks and the story behind them. One day I had gone to work like every other diligent tax paying citizen of this country—yes I do have a job I don't have the perks of sitting in front of my laptop and blogging all day, thank you—then I was threatened by a superior so I went home and guess the song that spoke to my situation my own best track... "na who born the maga" simply saying nobody can stop me from moving forward. For this write-up it's Wande Coal and k-switch's choice of words that interest me. And this is where the critical analysis part of my blogging begins.

I present to you a discourse anaylsis (for those of you doing a research like moi you understand what I' mean...BEANS!!!!!!). Its the use of the word “butta”. Butta is a word derived from the famous yoruba slang 'aje butter', literary translated 'someone who eats butter', actual meaning a posh child or someone from an upper-class background or wealthy middle-class with a comfortable life. While I was growing up if you fitted into any of this category who would be referred to as a butta girl, man, woman or boy. But I have come to see that this word has evolved over the years and that marvels me. The word butta is used in this track to mean a 'mumu', which means a fool a dumb person. How do you explain that a word which meant 'poshness' is now meaning 'daftness'. What k-switch does in the chorus of this song he uses the word butta to mean a fool. So he sings “...wey the person wey they think say you fit stop my shine, for your mind na I don turn to butta. Na who born na who born na who the maga...” Its a confirmation that Nigerian slangs do evolve and pop culture re-inforces this change. Seriously I could so do an academic research on this. This track is also a symbol of the ultimate hood war song. I mean check out this set of lyrics:

Like a lion am'll tame you
Like a dog am'll train you
And if you misbehave am'll chain you
And if I chain you wetin you go do"

I don't know who wrote this song and I can't speak for the influence behind the lyrics however I can suggest that this lyrics and the idea behind this song captures something about a Nigerian society of resistance to attack. A trend which is evident in the music of Timaya who sings alot about this sort of resistance attitude. A mentality that some else wants to destroy you. I'm not denying or questioning this mentality 'am just saying that this culture is now revealing itself in the 9ja music scene. While Timaya may be very harsh in his choice of lyrics sometimes, he is out done by spy-da-man's use of the swear word 'waka' in his song Egwu (featuring Timaya). You can check it out at notjustOK because personally I'm not prepared to do a reveiw on it, other than what I just said. Wande coal and k-switch are however more subtle in their choice of language and this is what makes their song one of my favourites, so far.

The second song that I like is “My grind” the last track on the album. It's not a new track but the producers decided to stick it in either way. I also like “That's wots up” because of its lyrical play on words in the beginning of the track. However I'm not going to talk about it because it's bad enough that am talking about this other two songs and Mo'hits ain't paying me 'na-thin'. Na wetin sef!... Obi-amaka-talker, focus woman focus. That grind, the video won me. It hasn't got all this sickening club scene with semi-nude women. Its got an 'arty' feel, as in artistic it looks like the video was shot with a friend's camcoder when hanging out with a group of boys. I think that is the idea the video director or producer tried to create or it was either a case of low bugdet which turned out to look like it was an intentional arty quirky style. Which ever way it worked for me. I might think I'm abit weird but you can see it HERE then you be the judge of it. By the way I must warn you k-switch did say 'So much money that I use to clean my nyash now...' so don't say I didn't tell you. Dunno why but I'm not in the mood to stick vidoes on my page today.

You know something else Wande's album has two songs dedicated to praising God, track six and thirteen. I know it is only on a Nigerian album that you can get songs about doing things to women, cash for ass and praising God, did I hear someone say R-kelly...I don't know but I will definitely be writing about that aspect of Nigerian music. Their ability to combine all genres on one album- confusion, talent or pure desperation. It's one for you to watch out for, my research and back ground work will be out of this world for that one, I promise you.

Also the last Poll I conducted 71 % of y'all thought I would make a good blogger, while 14% felt their personal opinion was irrelevant to my ability to blog. Any ways I'm tired now I've been writing all night. Tell me do you think WC (not the toilet system, Wande Coal initials... I knew you would catch up soon enough) is a one album sensation or a voice to watch out for. Vote now and lets see what you think.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Something catastrophic is going to happen to over three-quarters of people on earth within this 21st century


This is a bold disclaimer, setting the records straight click my link above if you need more proof. The above are not my words and they have been rephrased to capture James Lovelock's predictions on the fate of the human race in this 21st century. Its the 18th of August and I'm trying to catch up with my news for the day. So in-between Afghanistan's bombing just two days to their election which is a sign that the Taliban 'means' them, I switch to watch BBC news HARDtalk. The presenter Stephen Sackur is doing an interview with James Lovelock a celebrated environmental scientist who then succeeds in shattering every known ideology that exists about the earth and climate change as I know it to be. He says we all wasting our time on these renewable energy and wind turbine nonsense. Its already too late for us and the earth. So right now I am trying to calm myself and I am writing about it—this blogging thing is good for me. With all these bombing the Taliban is giving its people I am certain that only the strong minded will go out and vote in that election. Right now I am so tempted to design a poll to ask you guys if you would vote if you were an Afghan, but my gut instincts tells me y'all going to say no. So just in case a young Afghan girl stumbles across this blog I don't want her to say it's obi-amaka-talker who discouraged her from voting. Bi ko!!!!!!!!!!!

There's too many depression news even for me so I switched my channel and I stumbled on MTV and on my screen was Tinchy Stryder, one fine girl is featuring him on her song. And it immediately reminds me of something which I've decided to share with you guys. A few months ago I was in Abuja and I remember asking a friend if she had heard of Tinchy Stryder. She said categorically Not! (as in Pinky and the Brain style of 'No', take note as I will be using 'Not' a lot on this blog). Its amazing how in recent times anything he touches whether he sings it or somebody features him, (confession time: I can't pronounce the guy's name) it always makes the official UK number 1 spot. Yet no one knows him in 9ja or maybe I didn't meet any who knew him either way its like that for a lot of these British musicians but for the Americans its different.

You're probably wondering again why am even writing about him, well recently I saw another young Nigerian artist 'Whizkid' and the next thing that fell out of my mouth is “this Whizkid is our own Tinchy Stryder” there was some resemblance, their looks, their swagga, their outfits. I wonder if this guy can pull the same number 1 effects though I hear his running towards that goal already rolling with the likes of M.I.

Back to depression story, please somebody tell me that what I saw on BBC about the Nigerian government pulling out the shares of five major banks from the stock market, is a joke. Because my hard earned money is in one of those banks so I don't even know what is happening. I've put the links below so you see the tension yourself.



The more I hope its just some kind of misinformation...

All this sad talk of bombs and election and the earth and government crossing out bank shares, I'm seriously thinking maybe I should stick to blogging about good old entertainment.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

My first day on the job

Its my d├ębut article and I am finally doing what I wanted and what I should have started a long time ago. I am a talker and like most talkers my friends are the victims. And you know what it's not just how I go about my talking it's what I talk about. I'll tell you little about about my favourite subjects which I think will evolve in the next few years but will undeniably influence what I write now. This is not your usual blogger (that's what they all say), she's got an opinion and it will be written for all to see. I like politics I do find the American system interesting (and all that has to do with it partially because their media has taken it into our faces and to be fair a lot of movies have been made about it). I am also find the Nigerian hip hop emergence fascinating but you know what I don't even live in either country... I know you're thinking this is the time to close this window and click on Perezhilton but you shouldn't do that because it means technically I've got an unbiased view on both issues. I think that's how it works?

Anyways I'm not that useless and I still do work as a writer if blogging is defined as writing. What ever you do, do not touch that x button in the red square at the edge of your computer. “Don't touch that dial” as they would say. did I hear you say who, I meant the people on TV you know famous people, celebrities and musicians ( I believe this means one and the same that is celebrities are musicians and musicians are celebrities).

This will not be like those other blogs where the blogger just dishes out their bio and you're wondering what am I doing with all this info. Exactly, I will not be engaging in such scrupulous activities such as applying any unwarranted use of English words all in the name of blogging but with nothing substantial to say. I know what's coming to your mind right now and no I am not referring to this particular piece of writing. Once in a while I could feature some of my 'web' friends that is if they agree to do my laundry for a week. With this new age of facebook, friendship has gone 'e' as in e-friends, I could write about that even though it doesn't fall into any of the categories I mentioned.

Seriously, I shall be handling topical issues because we need a forum to express ourselves. You will know my bad and good days, can you tell what's up today...yes you're right. Am a bit behind because the next biggest thing in reality TV after Big brother happened in Nigeria koko mansion. if I had started blogging a couple of weeks back I would have written my own 10 reasons why Rita was loved by a great percentage of Nigerians even though she wasn't the most eloquent 'kokolet'. Well the show is ended and I've missed another chance to set me on the world stage as an international blogger not like the ones Sarah Palin described, you know the ones she said were wearing pyjamas and blogging and didn't know nothing about what they were writing about. Back to the show I missed (did I hear someone saying leave it Obi its gone) well its ended now but the debates won't end. With members of my bloggerhood (such as Bella naija) saying that the winner Bolanle would only have 15 'mins' of fame. It caused some reaction but I'm not going to talk about it this time.

I am now concerned why Hillary Clinton had a bad interpreter at her trip in Kenya, because of the interpreter's error she ended up screaming at an innocent person who will be famous because they asked a question, 'that wasn't', that sent the woman raging, giving female critics another thing to talk about or blog about. But lets all assume the student did ask that question don't you think she should have swallowed her pride a bit and pretended it didn't matter. Honestly what I think, give the woman a break but am sure some others don't feel that way. Right now its a WELCOME from me to me into cyberworld.